Friday, October 9, 2009


 ‘Girlaloo’ is an all women digital illustration exhibit tour that aims entirely in promoting the medium of illustration into an exciting outlet of expression & voice. It is also to encourage more women to enter the digital field, as well as an exposure of their empowerment to the creative design scene.

Visit website:

nov 09-13: USC, CAFA Building
nov 16-20: UP
nov 23-27: Benedicto College

Monday, October 5, 2009

Girlaloo: Jellyfish.

YEY!!! AT LAST!!! The girl who fell in love with a jelly fish.
She fell into the abyss and wrapped herself with weeds! Lol.

This will be exhibited alongside illustrators from GIRLALOO,
an all women digital illustration exhibit tour,
to different schools in Cebu this November 2009.

The idea of drowning was inspired by Ophelia of Shakespeare's Hamlet, btw.

Girlaloo: Kill You.

This will also be in a touring exhibit this November 2009.
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