Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pulp Summer Slam 2010.

Amoranto Stadium at past 2pm, April 17, 2010, Saturday. 

With my friends: Tahmy and Maureen.

Unlimited beer and pizza. I can still feel last year's summer slam beer and pizza hut's sofa pizza. EW!

That's Randy Blythe over there. He just waved.

John Campbell. I think he was the only Lamb of God member who came to us. The rest were snob.

We only get to see the side of the stage. what the.. 

Screenshots from the video i took. P3,500 worth of one VIP ticket was shit.

Yes, i was standing next to Dennis Trillo. Who would've thought he likes Lamb of God??

But LAMB OF GOD is an amazing band!! I'll come see them if ever they will come back again! This time making sure i get to meet them and slap Randy's ass.

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